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Video slots or tricks, as we know them, are some of the most popular games of chance, both in the virtual environment and in the classic casinos. Known for adrenaline and suspense, they quickly entered the top of the most sought after games. If you want to know why it ranks 1st, read the review below carefully.

What are slots? How did they evolve?

Games like slot machines or slots have a fairly rich history in the industry. You would be amazed to find out how old these games are.

The first slot machine was not created in Australia, as many people believe. The truth is that tricks exist today because of the United States. Charles Fey, a professional mechanic, put together a pretty exciting game for those times. It was called Liberty Bell and contained classic, retro symbols that you know (if you’ve played slots before). Among the icons were cherries and bells. Gaining instant popularity, many people set out to buy the invention. Thus, the production of slot machines began, which helped a lot in the country’s economy, given the number of people interested and ready to buy this good. There comes slot online with all the options now.

What are slots

Not long after, an Australian company, Aristocrat realized how great the success of this product could be and they gave birth to a new game: Clubman. This happened in 1953 and was a resounding success, as expected. Only a year later this extravagant game was legalized, starting to be more and more present in casinos.

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Then it was even included in the online environment. The most popular pecans you could find were:

Video Slots –

Even though the structure of games has remained unchanged since 1980, slots have always remained some of the best games of chance. Developed especially on 3 reels, the graphics were not as bright as they are today. The same can be said about the soundtrack. The first video slots were introduced to the industry in the mid-1980s. The major difference between classic tricks and what has been created is the number of payment lines available. By introducing this feature, people had a better chance of winning, so they could play more.

Internet slots – just 10 years after the formation of online slots, the internet began to be more and more sought after. 1990 was the formation of online casinos, the first being opened in 1994. Then, many game developers appeared on the market and the range of online games managed to grow overnight.